Flexible Seating Choices

No doubt, for many, the word ‘slim-line’ conjures up images of lazy summer days sipping beverages containing gin, but what if I told you that it also applies to a particular seating range available here at Europa HQ?

And what if I were to go one step further, by casually informing you that the seats in question are actually conference chairs that can be used indoors or out… INDOORS, OR OUTDOORS! Amazing, we know. Now, until you find yourself in need of a stylish little number that gives you the flexibility to squeeze more bottoms than you thought possible into a typically tight little space, you may not understand the significance of this article. So perhaps we can help with a little context.

Imagine for a moment that you are responsible for overseeing a lavish affair with, let’s say, approximately 800 cool, sophisticated and oh so trendy guests expected on the day.

You’ve got the venue, you’ve secured the caterers, and you’ve agreed the theme; but the one thing you haven’t quite managed to nail down is how you can seamlessly move the event from outside, to in, or inside to out, regardless of the space restraints, and without doubling up on furniture hire.

Well, ta da! Herein lies the answer.

I mean, could the benefits of hiring such a tidy little number be any more black and white (also the colours that the TC02 is available in, incidentally).

‘But what if super slim conference chairs simply aren’t the option for you?’ I hear you ask. Perhaps you are hosting a conference for the hippopotamus appreciation society who like to come in full fancy dress! Well…

For those of you wanting to retain a certain sense of style and sophistication whilst ensuring that your guests’ comfort is no. 1 on the ol’ priority list, why not consider our TC01 range – that’s white seminar linking chairs that are the seating equivalent of a cloud, to anyone unfamiliar with the official name.

And for those desperate to just throw off the shackles associated with adhering to tradition, why not think instead about how much could be done with a bench, or a stool, or a sofa? Eek, it’s too exciting.

After all, just because you have always done something a certain way, or used a certain product for a certain type of event, it doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up once in a while, does it?

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