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Independent Safety Report

Here at EventShaper we are continually assessing how we do things, to ensure they are effective and within current legislation. With this in mind, we asked Anderson Bradshaw Limited to undertake some auditing, to get an objective view on how effective our controls were in managing health and safety at our events. Anderson Bradshaw attended 2 of our recent shows and we are pleased to say that the results were as we had hoped. Despite the differences in events, the approach that we implemented was fit for purpose, relevant and effective.

“Overall, 10/10, 2 quite different shows, 2 very different organisers, and the EventShaper methods continue to prove effective and appropriate to both events. It was good to look at the 2 shows and compare them in the context of does the system fit for both and clearly it does. (…) My thanks to everyone I spoke with, your teams’ energy and passion to do a great job and not a good job was clear to see. (…) The one thing that keeps popping into my mind is ‘team’ they all work together seamlessly, no false smiles no ruthless or defensive attitudes.”

(Michael Anderson, Anderson Bradshaw Limited, April 2017)

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