Relief For Event Nightmares

Ever had a nightmare in the lead up to a show? Did it involve an unforeseen circumstance or perhaps maybe something you feared might threaten your event being staged?

Unfortunately, nothing can actually stop the nightmare scenario from happening. You can prepare for most eventualities to a certain degree but if whatever gods you pray to weren’t listening your nightmare has every chance of becoming a very costly, unavoidable reality.

The first nemesis you think of might be Climate Change which is seemingly increasing the risk of serious Storm and Flood Damage to our venues or an Electrical Fault on an exhibitor’s stand causing a Fire or Electrical Breakdown to the venue and indeed other stands. It might be a Gas Leak or nearby Hazardous Chemical Spillage. What about Protestors? Sink Hole, Police Investigation, No Heating, No Air-Conditioning, No Water, Legionnaires Disease in the water, State Emergency, State Visit, State Intervention……. All this negative thinking could put you in a state. The truth is though the more of these random and unlikely possibilities you can think of the more likely you can see your event could be threatened by a revenue reducing or expense wasting RISK.

Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance arranged by an insurance expert on this kind of cover could give you the protection which whilst it won’t stop the nightmares it could relieve their affect so you should be able to sleep easy in your bed knowing your revenue, expenses and additional expenses should be paid by the insurer rather than you.

You might have read recent editorial regarding the risk to events from the death of a Monarch. The Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance from InEvexco will also go further than most standard policies to cover National Mourning for the day of death and day of funeral. It’s also possible to extend cover further so your policy responds during the full state mourning period.

Terrorism is again in the forefront of our minds due to recent strikes. The random and diverse nature of these acts of terrorism perhaps makes us realise the next act could be anywhere including any event of exhibition venue. Fortunately, a specifically created Terrorism cover is available. If this is not offered by your insurance broker you might wish to ask for a quotation as soon as possible.

Cyber-security risk is something relatively new but it seems you can’t read the latest newspaper edition or listen to the news without hearing another company has been hit by ransom-ware worms, email phishing or data theft. When you consider how dependent we are on our PC, laptops and smartphones the consequences of cyber-attack are scary but there are good policies out there with extensive cover which you should perhaps investigate.

A specialist broker will explain the extent of cover available to you and your event and give you the peace of mind your nightmares scenarios can be insured against.

On the other hand, you might say, “Haha! I laugh in the face of adversity, risks are made for taking or will never happen to my beautiful event….”. Well, that’s your prerogative but how well are you going to sleep tonight?

If you have trouble sleeping and wish to discuss any of your event nightmares, please feel free to call InEvexco on 01732 757616


This article has been written by Mark Clayton, Managing Director of InEvexco.

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