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At EventShaper we’ve no doubt shared exactly the same emotions as everybody else over the last few weeks – confusion, sadness, fear and vulnerability.  We’ve had to quickly change our ways of working, and we’ve done that in a way that means you won’t see any difference in how we carry out our activities day to day.

As a Board member of the EIA (Events Industry Alliance) and Vice Chair of ESSA, Lou is actively working to get the very best possible outcome for all members of our industry from this situation.  In addition, within EventShaper we will be using this unique time to continue working on our understanding of efficiencies that we can gain during build and break periods, which will help with our Autumn schedule.

We will all be going through our own unique set of circumstances and we won’t pretend to know all of those, but what we can do is understand and support you where you need it.   As Shapers we have always been proud of our ability to adapt to changing situations quickly, innovatively and professionally, whilst never forgetting the individual.  We will always work that way and even though everything’s changed, nothing’s changed in that regard, and we will get through this with you and each other.

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